Information on shipments

Shipping costs will be calculated based on the place of delivery and the weight of the goods. The times will vary according to the availability of products in stock and at the train processing times. For products in stock, delivery is provided within one working day from order payment.

The products are delivered to the address indicated by the consumer on the order of order and only in the geographical areas we treat.
All products leave our warehouse in a perfect state. The customer must signal to the transporter (or postman) every small bump trace (holes, tracks of crushings, etc.) on the package, and in this case reject the package or accept it with reserve. A new and identical product will then be sent later without fees.
The exchange of each declared product, a posteriori, damaged during transport, without any reservation to be expressed when the package is received, cannot be treated.
As in any shipment, you can be delayed or that the product is lost. In this case, we contact the transporter to start an inquiry. All the efforts made, with all the time necessary, to rediscover this package will be by the seller.
We decline all responsibility for the elongation of delivery terms attributable to the transporter, especially in cases of loss of products, weather or strike.